15 Reasons to Love RIG


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15 Reasons to Love RIG

A good opportunity Company is the one that has the capacity to build, lead, and to create pace for residual income. The one that has both legal and leadership struture. The One that can last and stand the test of times and keep standing. The One that has visible owners, goods and services.

Yes! in Reward Income Global we posses all these and even more. Our goal is to give every household a wealth store where numerous rewards are given for Shopping and even Selling as a vendor. So here are why you should Love R.I.G

1. Reward Income Global Ltd is legally registered, approved and Incorporated  under the laws of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria called Corporate Affairs Commission Of Nigeria with the RG No: 1692702.

2. Reward Income Global Ltd offers their members with numerous physical products and services
for purchase choices.

3. With our Multi-vendor system, members can list their products and services and get free
exposure and high sales profits.

4. All products/services purchase on our website, reward members with instant cashback commission
and product points.

5. Members are rewarded with instant registration bonuses.

6. members are rewarded with instant referral commissions up to 6th levels deep.

7. Members can earn per product clicks they promote.

8. Members earn daily income with or without referrals.

9. Members have over 100M in cash prize incentives to earn from individual and team

10. Members are awarded with non-cash incentives worth over 50 Million.

11. Reward Income Global Ltd offers fast  products delivery to any part of location in
Nigeria and across Africa subsequently.

12. Members can walk into any RIG warehouse store and make purchase and of course get
purchase reward accredited instantly.

13. Reward Income Global Ltd has a very low start up cost for membership.

14. No whipping of products points.

15. No compulsory referral, users can earn from our vest package without referrals.

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