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    Upcoming Features- Releasing soon..

NEW - Added 144+ countries for Mobile Top Up

NEW - Added 750+ Mobile operators from around the world.

NEW- Partners can send Airtime and Data Top Up to international numbers

NEW - Partners can transfer/send gift cards or digital goods to people in 5 different regions in the world.

NEW - Partners earn huge discounts and commissions for  all Top Up and transfer of gift cards.

NEW - Added Airtime and Data Voucher Printing option.

NEW - Added Money Transfer option

NEW - Added: Partners can Recharge/ Top Up bulk numbers at a go option

NEW - AWUFF Airtime options. Partners can enable/disable this option for Top Up.

NEW - Promotion and Bonuses now available for international Top Up

IMPROVED - MLM Module: Partners can earn Top up commissions upto 10th Levels

IMPROVED - Wallet funding is made easy with bank cards or transfer.

IMPROVED - Top Up via Bank Card

FIXED: IUC Numbers not display

FIXED: Meter number details not display


    Released Features- Now Available

NEW - Added auto product purchase earnings. Partners can now purchase vest products and earn profits on auto pilot daily. 

NEW – MLM  support commission for registration:  Partners now can earn commission from any user that will register with their  registration  link.

NEW – MLM: The number of levels is increased from 8 to 12 levels.

NEW – MLM: e-commerce product clicks is now connected to the mlm module

NEW – Added:  Registration link to invite a person to register as a vendor

NEW – On my links page, partners can download a full offline version of the Ads to his pc

NEW – Added: Custom data of [CPS/CPA] are now displayed also on the partners dashboard

NEW – eCommerce: Added an option to accept a downloadable product type of png|gif|jpeg|jpg|PNG|GIF|JPEG|JPG|ICO|ico|pdf|docx|doc|ppt|xls|txt

NEW – eCommerce: Added an option that partners can buy in the e-store

NEW – eCommerce: Added an option that partners can log in to the e-store with their same login details. 

NEW – Added an option that partners can buy admin CPA offers and get a commission

NEW – Added a filter by date on partner side My wallet > My transaction

NEW – Added under (‘My Links’/Partners Links) a search option of “Search By Vendor”

NEW – Added an option that  vendor can deposit live money to his account

NEW – Added vendor deposit transactions history page on the vendor side

NEW – Vendor deposit payment methods:[Bank Transfer/Flutterwave/OPay/Paypal/Paypal Standard/paystack/Paytm/Razorpay/Skrill/Stripe/Xendit/Yandex]

NEW – Added an option to display the wallet transaction id on the orders page

NEW – Added an option so that vendor can create his own store link and store name

NEW – Added an option so that vendor can display all his products on his store link

NEW – Store Addon: added an option that vendor can’t delete products from the system if there are orders already that associated with that products

NEW – Added order data to every order displayed under the wallet page

NEW – Added on partners side wallet page, filter by canceled and trashed

NEW – Added variants feature, tax feature, shipping feature to the vendor side

NEW – Added order verify popup to the store module once admin change the wallet commission status

NEW – Added levels numbers to the wallet commission transactions

NEW – Added group logic to all commission integrations[sales/clicks/actions]

NEW – Added an option to add bulk products to the store module on the vendor side

NEW – Added a “localStorage” support tracking on the browser to the store module

NEW – Added an option that partners can log in to admin store module with his same login details and purchase products

NEW – Added an option that partners can buy products in admin store module and earn commission from products they buys

NEW – Added an option on the partners side to enable/disable mail notifications from the Company.

IMPROVED – my links page on the partners  side display the latest saved ads/products at the top of the list

IMPROVED – Design and logic improvements were done on MLM level page

IMPROVED – Wallet: Records that associate with each other now comes as groups and display as a groups

IMPROVED – Wallet Page partners side: Reorganization and design improvement was done on the wallet page

IMPROVED – Ads page: display if the ads are from vendor or admin

IMPROVED – Reports page was improved and redesign from scratch

IMPROVED – Translation of missing words on the partners side

FIXED – User dashboard: Single action commission data not displayed

FIXED – eCommerce: Responsive issue to store tags

FIXED – Update partners image profile is not updated after partner update his profile

FIXED – Partners can add duplicate slugs for links

FIXED – Partner side graph responsive issue

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