Current Company Promo Offers



Current new promo allows registered partners who have purchase a minimum  of the BASIC Sales Product Pack(SPP) 
 to participate in qualifying for the current promo. 

Partners are given two options to qualified for promo award. 

1. Via enrolling Same require SPP team members. This means if partner is a VIP SPP Earner,

Partner is require to enroll same VIP SPP Team earners according to the require

2. Via POINT VALUE(PV): This help to also qualify partner where partner enrolls different SPP earners.

In this case partner can enroll different SPP Team Earners while accumulating PV to stand a chance

to qualify for any given rank of the promo as long as the require PV is met.

Partners can accumulate PV via registerations, store sales and SPP team purchases.

Below are the different given promo access to aim at and go for!!