How it works


Learn details guide to RIG porgram

How it works

Reward Income Global is the best and simplest indigenous E-commerce Company in Nigeria.
As a registered user, Our system enables you to:

1. Become a Vendor: As a vendor, you can list your goods and services on our website
for FREE for our numerous affiliates who are ready and willing to buy, promote and sell
them for Reward points and commission. You could make lots of sales and profits as a Vendor.

2. Become a Products Promoter: As a product promoter, you could earn sales
commission and per clicks commission. Imagine promoting product links from your
back office to your friends and family on social media. on every click you earn a
commission and if you eventually make sales you earn a sales commission.

3. Become an Affiliate: As an affiliate, our system could earn you thousands and millions
of naira weekly and monthly. You could earn from referral commission, team sales
commission, purchase commission, team clicks commission, reward points award and a
lot of earning rewards, bonuses and incentives. you can find more details on our Earning
Plan page.

4.  Vend Telecom And Cables Products/services: As a partner of RIG, you have access

to a personalised VTU portal, where you could get paid from your personal airtime purchase,

data, cable tv, phcn bill payment, educational pins, smile data and insurance processes.

You also get paid as your team of downlines buy or sell these products and services.


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