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Reward Income Global Limited is an indigenous ecommerce and multi-vendor Company in Nigeria. a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, with registration number: 1692702. 

Reward Income Global Limited, uses the module of Leverage Income system to give a rising opportunity to millions of people globally in the E-commerce space where users could get paid when they and others clicks, shop or sell their favourites products and services from their personalised eStore. 

 In the light of our business plan, Reward Income Global is the one platform anyone could earn daily residual income and upto 5-6 earning figures weekly and monthly.  Our goal is to give every household a wealth store where numerous rewards are given for shopping and selling as a vendor. This is the best moment for you..

With Reward Income Global, users can:

1.Shop products and services at a very cheap cost and get paid.

2. Clicks on products and get paid

3.Earn purchase and sales commission,

4.Earn numerous rewards, bonuses and incentives for shopping,

5.Sell products and get paid

6.Get numerous affiliate buyers and promoters and get paid from their activities.

7.Earn fast profits,

We are your last stop for your best ecommerce storewith amazing rewards. Join Now!

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