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Welcome to Reward Income Global eStore and Marketplace! 

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Reward Income Global LTD's Website, located at  By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. 


Do not continue to use Reward Income Global if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page. The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and all Agreements: "Client", ''seller'' "You"  ''Affiliate''  ''Buyer''  ''User'' and "Your" refers to you, the person log on this website and compliant to the Company’s terms and conditions. ''Reward Income Global''  "The Company", "Ourselves", "We", "Our" and "Us", refers to our Company. "Party", "Parties", or "Us", refers to both the seller, Client, Affiliate and ourselves.

Reward Income Global eStore  is  an ecommerce  and multi Vendor platform with a website version,  comprising a marketplace,  logistics agents products, and payment  system, for easy and flexible online purchase and sales.

In continuation to the use of our ''website'' ''Marketplace'' as a ''seller'' ''affiliate'' ''client'' ''buyer'' ''user'' is assumed you agree to our laid down terms and conditions without arguing.  

And by so doing you have obtained the necessary right  to agree to these laid down terms and conditions; which bind the user and the company ''Reward Income Global''  ''Ourselves'' ''we'' operating this business or Company, to these laid down terms and conditions; and agree that the "Client", ''seller'' "You"  ''Affiliate''  ''Buyer''  ''User''  in these laid down terms and conditions shall pay accord to both the individual user and the affiliate, buyer and the company.


By opening an account on our website and marketplace we assumed you are of age and above 18.  Our website is prohibited for users under the age of 18 ???? and if found, suh account shall be frozen, blocked, deleted and forfeiting all funds in it by the company.

subject to our terms of account opening, you agree that your account can be limited to the number of days, months chosen by the user for opening and activation. users can as well have an indefinite usage of account according to their chosen package of account opening and activation. you agree to subscribe, renewal of the subscribe package during account opening and after account opening when duration expired.

Users, clients, or affiliates above the laid down age bracket can open an account on our store by filling our sign up form and rightly submitting for verification and approval. 

By submission of your account opening, we assumed and you agree that all details are rightly correct and entitled to your personal use and privacy. All provided details of account opening on our website, eStore are securely stored and you agree to keep all your personal details safe which includes your password and username.

In a situation where your personal details are disclosed or leaked or being accessed by a third party, we assumed you to be responsible. It is important to contact the company admin immediately if you observe any leak to your personal details to your estore or affiliate account and we shall swiftly act to it accordingly. failure to do so, we shall not be responsible for any losses, damage or failure to your account funds. Users of Reward Income Global, client, buyer, shall not give any access to a third party to their personal details to their account. users who do so agree to do so at their own risk and terms.

users at their wish can choose to cancel their account opening or close their account at their own terms. The company shall not be held responsible for funds within the account during users closure of account without the company concern. Users agree that any account termination or closure of an account without company concern shall not in any way be retrieved back.

The company holds the right to edit or suspense any user's account at any time with or without users concern or prior knowledge if any of our rules governing account usage is disobey or we notice any fraudulent act. The company reserves the right to close such act and all funds in it shall be non refundable. 

To this end, as a seller you solemnly  agrees that;

Reward Income Global eStore is a marketplace for sellers and buyers of different kinds of products and services; The company receives users or buyers products or services purchase on the seller behelf and transmit to the seller for delivery ????.  ; and

For selling on our eStore, the sellers agree that the product(s) on eStore or marketplace are rightly available in good shape(s), condition or healthy. Otherwise to this effect, sellers product(s) which falls short of this term shall have their account terminated and all funds ceased.

In accordance with these laid down terms and conditions, the sellers are subject to these rules and regulations for the use of our eStore and marketplace. However the following are bind between the buyer and sellers in the use of our eStore and Marketplace:

Product pricing are listed on the product list; 

The product price shall include taxes and in accordance to the laws;

Sellers may  list the other charges/cost on the product list and be payable by the buyer if the buyer chooses to purchase the product(s). such  charges are the packages charges, delivery charges , handing fee, administrative fee, insurance cost

Sellers agree to give an explicit product description and details concerning the products, stating all necessary information regarding the products and the product current state, brand and terms of use. the seller shall acclaimed and attest to the product ownership, manufacturer, producer, reseller, or any other beneficial right or legal ⚖  right to the product(s).

Subject to our Returns and refunds policy, We shall accept and refund buyers product(s) provided all rules regarding  the product terms and handling are observed by the buyer. The company agrees to manage and control any returns and refunds of any such product binded to these terms based on our sole discretion between the buyer and seller.

In accordance to our terms and conditions, users agree and accept that we the company shall in time update our terms in regards to the use of credit card, bank transfer, vouchers, and other payment methods used in transaction during the purchase on our website and marketplace in respect to the returns and refunds policy.. 

In full accordance with these terms and conditions regarding sellers contents. You agree to provide all text, images, video materials, audio materials, scripts or any other useful materials for advert or publication or communication. And you agree that these contents  are of no falsehood or deception to buyers' knowledge. We hold the sole right to delete, cancel any false feedback, comments regarding your products on our store as a trick to win buyers interest, if your contents are discovered to be false or deceptive.  we shall delete those contents. 

You agree that all contents, feedback and comment on your products or services must be authentic and truthful. 

We assumed and you agree that all contents submitted to us are truthful and not misleading in any ways, not illegal, or stolen contents, graphics, images or trademarks or brand and not associated to nudity, not offensive, not political, religious, or baise  or to cause violence, fight or misunderstanding among others. Sellers must not be deceptive in turning other buyers against other sellers and must not promote their products to spoil other sellers products or services. sellers must not send buyers a private message for transaction of any kind via our eStore and Marketplace. 

 A good and professional use of eStore and marketplace must be well observed and you agree that we shall from time to time review all your contents for check up and use them for promotion and publication. Otherwise to this shall lead to your account and store termination.

Forward to this laid down terms and condition; users agree to use our website for business and transaction purposes in buying and selling of product(s) and services. In no term shall any part of our content, images, graphics or any other materials associated with our brand or business store be replicated in full right.  Only materials permissible unto download shall be in right accord in so doing.  We own and reserve the right to from time to time update our site contents, graphics and images. We may maintain and review the site in a situation for well doing and for better functionality if needs arise. during this time we reserve the right to suspend or restrict access to our website in a meantime.

users must not go beyond trying to destroy or damage our website or breach the site security or functions in no way, or be fraudulent, spamming, harmful  or  for any illegal purpose against the other users or the company,  Action in such manner the company holds the right to enforce the law upon such victim.

The company shall reject or restrict any users resources that can cause heavy load on our eStore and shall delete or cancel the account of the user or person who found trying to repeat such activity on our website. Users shall not upload, submit any data or resource information or contents that can lead to other user personal data extraction or that could cause viruses. we shall in right accorded delete such users account and if found in such manner again shall be comprehended and persecuted under the law.

In due right concern in this laid down terms and condition, 

It is imperative to note that Reward Income Global Limited is fully licensed and approved by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and that, all our contents, properties, materials, documents, software, brand name,and  all intellectual property right on our website are unto our right reserved.

All our other trademark names are fully registered and we give no perssion whatsoever right to anyone to copy, replicate or modify them in any way. such manner shall lead to facing the law court. 

Users shall not in no manner steal, replicate or modify any other users trademark, brand, logo representing their  brand name without their permission or knowledge. Sellers are responsible to hold anyone or report to us any misuse of their provided data on the marketplace and we shall take further  steps to such act.

In accordance with these terms and conditions, sellers agree to be under checked and monitored by our body experts against any fraudulent act in product or service acclaimed to be on our eStore. Sellers agree to provide all required and necessary details for proper investigation and approval of their operation as business or real product owner or seller. Sellers' stores shall be in proper review and confirmation of their presence and identity before approval of their products and services on our store. To this end, we shall reserve the right for product approval or rejection on our store. Following the use of our eStore for online product purchase, users agree to accept products shipped to them and they agree to the products once received and confirmed by them as received and in good shape and well checked by filling  our product verification form portal. Upon this action, users agree to bear and take responsibility against any  loss, damage or malfunction of the product afterward. Users are given a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 7 days for product verification and acceptance notice. Exceeded to these periods without return notice to us, we assumed the user is satisfied and accepted the product and we shall rightly distribute both commissions to upline users and sales profit and amount to the seller. Upon this action, the user agrees that this action is irreversible .

Subject to the laid down terms and conditions; users agrees that we are not liable to any fraudulent act, losses of fund, or products in a situation outside our control and power; you agree that we are not agent of any seller, we do not involve in illegal or unauthorised transaction on our website or outside , we do not sell all the products on the eStore and marketplace. We are security conscious and in all time limit any form or illegality or fraudulent act. in such manner, you agree that you shall not fight or raise any enforcement against an individual, agents, employee, or any workers of the company personally without the appropriate guide to the law. 

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